Pyrobelite, like Pyrobel, is composed of float glass and interlayers, built up to the necessary thickness to meet the specified fire resistance. When it is subjected to fire, the interlayers become opaque and intumesce.

The importance of the intumescent interlayers is that radiated heat could cause combustion on the non-fire side of the screen is reduced, enabling a safe and panic free evacuation of the building.

Features and Benefits

This glass ranges in thickness from 7mm (internal) to 11mm for external applications. It can meet 30 minutes stability/Integrity and 15 minutes insulation, fulfilling the requirements of BS476: Part 22 for up to 120 minutes.
Pyrobelite is available for both internal and external applications and in single or doubled glazed form and be shaped into intricate designs which doesn't detract from its performance.


Fire doors
Fire screens and windows
Internal partitioning
Timber and steel doors and side screens 

Type Description Thickness  Max Size  Weight
(mm) (mm) (kg/m2) 
  30 min integrity/low radiation      
PRY/Lite 7 Pyrobelite EW 30/7 7 3150 x 2250 17
PYR/Lite 7E Pyrobelite EW 30/7 External 11 3150 x 2250 25
  60 min integrity/low radiation      
PRY/Lite 12 Pyrobelite EW 30/12 12 3150 x 2250 27
  Timber doors & screens      

E = indicates stability W = indicates radiation
* Please consult sales office for latest updated information regarding latest tested sizes.
** Please consult sales office for field of application report, giving permitted glazing sizes.
*** This product is manufactured to size and cannot be cut after production.
**** Other thicknesses 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 19mm also available. 

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