Technical Specifications

Functions: Designed to enable the safe passage of items to/from a secure area without compromising staff security. It provides a resistance againt physical and ballistic attack.
The unit features an electronic interlock that makes impossible the opening of both doors at the same time. If one door is opened, the unit’s ballistic performance remains intact.
Suitable to be fitted into:

  • Brick walls
  • HD Concrete walls
  • Tubular steel constructions

Materials: Whole steel construction. Both doors are hung on heavy duty pivot hinges, incorporating oilite bearings.

Finish: Light grey powdercoat. In order to protect this finish, stainless steel skid plates are fitted to the pass through area. Leg frame (option on request): 40x40 mild steel tube - Paint finish: grey primer. Finished width: 400mm

Interlocking: Overall control is provided by a key operated on/off switch. Unit dimensions:
Installation: Delivered fully assembled. Can be installed in walls up to 450 mm. Min wall thickness 230mm brick or 150mm HD concrete. The fully recessed control panel enables the unit to be fitted into a simple wall opening. No dismantling necessary.

Weight: 58 Kg exc. packaging (Model 35L capacity). 71 Kg exc. packaging (Model 70L capacity). 125 Kg exc. Packaging (Model 100L capacity)


Bullet Resistant : G2/S86,

BS 5051 Part 1 -1988


Models & options available:

  • Other finishes
  • Roller bed for the passage of heavy items
  • Remote push button panel
  • Key operated override
  • Leg Frame to support unit – up to 960mm

Compatibility with other Gunnebo CCEC products :

  • Paypoint windows
  • Range of vision panels

Operation: A simple rocker switch operates the door latch solenoids, with indicator lights confirming door status. Each door opens 90° to rest. However closing is assisted by gas springs to ensure positive latching. With the outer door open (after pressing the outer door button), the operative can open the inner door with the key on the secure side sothat both doors are opened at the same time.

This can particularly be usefull in Leisure / Sports Centres, etc. to allow the transfer of
objects such as snooker cues, cricket bats and golf clubs etc.
Built-in battery back up ensures continues operation in the event of a power failure.

Installation instructions:

  • Prepare opening sizes
  • Remove keys from locks and mains cable from socket and lay to one side
  • Place unit in the opening from the customer’s side – Be careful : 58 kg to lift
  • If the inner frame is to be used -> locate it around the body of the unit on the cashier’s side and tight up to the face of the wall.
  • Mark and drill through the outer body of unit for no. 10 or 12 x 15mm long self-tapping screws using the inner frame as the template.
  • If the inner frame is not being used (e.g. when unit being fitted beneath a counter unit, a partition or to a plinth) remove the inner base panel using an Allen key to undo the fixings. Drill through the outer base panel in position appropriate to your plinth/frame, to permit the secure bolting-down of the unit (bolts not supplied).
  • Replace inner panels. Arrange for your electricians to earth-bond the unit
  • Connect the unit to the mains, using the cable provided, replce the key and test (adjacent 240v socket provided)



Every building handling the general public such as :

  • Embassies
  • Treasuries
  • Stadiums
  • Receptions of Service Industries
  • Casinos
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Amusement Parks
  • Undergrounds
  • Universities
  • Law Courts
  • Hospitals
  • Cinemas
  • Theaters
  • Public Collectivities
  • Railway Stations
  • Airports
  • Main Cashier in Supermarkets



  •  Employee physical protection

  • Vision panel

  • Interlocking door system

  • Battery back-up

  • Low maintenance

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