2nd August 2011



GAME Engineering is celebrating 25 years in business. Back in 1986 GAME started out as Grain and Milling Equipment (GAME)  at offices at North Scarle before moving to Witham St Hughs in 1990, after purchasing a six acre site in 1989 and building bespoke offices and a factory.

GAME originally focussed on the resale, installation and re-conditioning of second hand feed milling equipment, and over the first 10 years of business GAME quickly progressed to specialists within the animal feed and grain industries, with in-depth knowledge and experience in turnkey design and plant solutions.

By the mid 1990’s however the second hand equipment sector had declined and the decision was made to cease trading in this business, and to concentrate on design, manufacturing and installation projects targeting the Pet Food and Waste Recycling sectors.

In 1998/99 GAME decided to look into a new market which would complement the fabrication and site installation skills that GAME encompassed, a natural fit was seen to produce custodial fabrications and high security steelwork. In 1999 GAME received prison approval through the MOJ, and the Custodial Department was created in 2000.

Staff at GAME increased two-fold by 2000 to fifty, which reflected the increased client base and turnover during this time.

The early part of the 21st Century saw a national and global focus on the Waste Recycling and Biomass sector. GAME took advantage of this and was able to transfer their skills and knowledge of the materials handling sector, completing numerous successful major projects in this ever expanding market.

Over the last 25 years, GAME have established themselves as one of the leading material and process handling engineering companies, becoming industry leaders of innovative and bespoke plant solutions whilst the Custodial department have become a well-known reputable company within the high security market.

GAME currently has over seventy employees based at Lincoln and on-site installing plant solutions. The people who work at GAME are passionate individuals who take pride in their work, the company has been built on a heritage of hard work and dedication through the relationships built and nurtured internally and externally with clients in all the areas they specialise in.

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