29th June 2011



GAME Security Engineering is supporting The ‘Save a Life, Drop the Knife’ campaign which is being run by Glen Jackson at HMP Everthorpe in East Yorkshire.

They have designed an innovative way to raise awareness on the current issues relating to and surrounding knife crime which is to design a garden. The garden has been designed in the hope that offenders and those exposed to knife crime culture will realise the benefits from ‘dropping the knife’.

In support of this worthy campaign, GAME Security is donating; free of charge, a set of ‘anti-climbing spikes’ which will run along the top of the wall, depicting an element of a typical problematic inner city scene for the project.

The vision for the campaign is to promote the message of ‘Save a Life, Drop the Knife’ to thousands, being delivered to audiences at other prisons across the UK and hopefully also into schools to prevent and deter future knife related crimes being committed. Hull KR is also endorsing the message of the campaign and hope to encourage the community and younger generations to avoid knife related crimes both now and for the future and are looking at showcasing the garden within the Craven Park Development.

The garden has already had a positive effect on the offenders at HMP Everthorpe with a large number helping to build and maintain the garden. The offenders, working with the Prince’s Trust and the garden instructors, worked as a team to complete the project and in the process, gained new skills along with an insight into their own and others beliefs on the subject of knife crime.

“Several years ago I was convicted of a violent knife crime and sent to prison. I’ve thought deeply about Everthorpe’s knife garden and truly believe that if I had come across something like it, that brought to my attention the consequences of carrying a knife, I’m sure I wouldn’t have committed any crime. Just a little guidance would have helped my life and it would have been so different” Offender, HMP Everthorpe

The prison has been selected by the Royal Horticultural Society to exhibit a show garden at the RHS Show Tatton Park in July 2011. A slightly larger scale replica of the prison’s knife crime garden will be constructed at the show.

The scheme has been fully endorsed by The Rt Hon David Davis MP, the Ministry of Justice and The Prince’s Trust as a visual display and a stark reminder of the seriousness of knife crime whilst also offering a positive message about the benefits of ‘dropping the knife’ and avoiding knife crime culture.

GAME Security fully supports the project and wishes the prison every success at the Tatton Park show 2011.

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